Biodegrades as seeds start to develop

To be used after planting garden seeds or any seeds in a pot or in soil.

Apply mulch on top to protect and hold moisture in.

A soil enrichment is also in the mulch to make your soil fertile.

Product varies how far it will go depending on size of pots and depth of mulch applied.


Can even leave seeded plants outside through the rain, and mulch will stay put!

Safe for kids and pets!

One Gallon Bag = one pound

Example: Photo displayed in green houses used a one gallon bag.

Example: Two large containers top layer 19x24. Four small containers top layer seven inches round.



A Sure Green Hydro Product


Fiber Mulch & Enrichment/ One Pound Bag

SKU: Fiber Mulch & Enrichment/ One Pound Bag


Improves Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Gardens, Seeding