Organic! Always!

One tea bag

Treats 5,000sf of lawn area

Makes a 5 gallon concentrated mix.

Mow lawn short.

Pour one gallon of mix into a pump sprayer.

Or two gallon mix into a two gallon pump sprayer etc.

Or use a hose end sprayer (recommended).

Spray lawn let dry and water in . Keep lawn moist for one week.


Kicks out thatch to allow your lawn to breath!

Safe for kids and pets!

Product mostly used in early spring when existing grass is going out of dormacy.

Works best at soil temps 65 degree and above.

Safe for pets and animals.

Organic Thatch Buster/5000sf

SKU: Organic Thatch Buster/5000sf


Improves Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Gardens, Seeding