Organic! Always!

Hampers weeds! Allows existing lawn grass to grow and fill in!

For all types of lawn grass, Bermuda and Snt Augustine!

One measured oz or scoop into a one gallon of water per 1,000sf

Enough product to treat 5,000sf of lawn area

Tools needed to spray lawn:

Pump sprayer

Mow lawn short prior to spraying.

Let dry on leaves for 24 hours

After drying water in lawn.

Works best at soil temps 65 degree and above.

Does not leave a ugly appearance of dead weeds, they seem to just fade away.

Supplies energy for growth to existing lawn grass.

A different kind of herbicide.

Creates a enviroment that weeds do not like.

Softens grass weeds and  causes weeds to become weak.

Allowing existing grass to grow and flurish greener .

Each week that goes by, Bermuda lawns will look softer and not that chunky look from weeds.


Keep weeds mowed short so they do not shade your existing lawn grass, and will allow sunlight in.

Keep lawn moist while your existing lawn grass comes in. 

This product will vary from one lawn to the next depending on the severity of lost of existing lawn grass, and how long has the lawn been without existing lawn grass. Will depend on what percentage you get back.

Some are 100% lawn back and some may not be, depends also if it has been over chemically damaged in the past. But getting your soil fertile again before this step or after can alot of times lesson the severity of lawns which are chemically burned and actually bring them back to life!


Safe for pets and animals.



Organic Selective Herbicide/5000sf


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