Ideal For Existing Lawns (Approximately 90 scoopes or ounces)

Covers 22,000sf




Eases heat stress on leaf

Greens leaf

Supplies energy to existing lawn grass to get up faster!

Creates Fertile Soil!

Safe for kids and pets!


Contains organic material:



Plant extracts


Drives energy to your existing grass

to allow it to surface quicker.

And much more

Safe for kids and pets!

Tools needed:

Hose End Sprayer (recommended)

4 ounces per 1,000sf or 4 scoops.

Add 4 level ounces or 4 level scoops (scooper included) in a hose end container.

Fill with water and mix.

Spray lawn until container is empty.

Note: Get at least 4 ounces of product per 1000sf on lawn.


Pump Sprayer

Add 4 ounces or 4 scoops (scooper included) to one gallon water of water and mix.

Then pour into a one gallon pump sprayer.

Spray lawn the water in thouroughly.



A Sure Green Hydro Product


SKU: OrganicLawn/22Ksf


Improves Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Gardens, Seeding