What Is Wrong With My Plants and Trees

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Are your plants not growing, trees not growing or fruit trees not producing? Cannot get gardens seeds to germinate. If you are wondering what is wrong it is in the soil. We go back to the soil being not fertile. Chemicals will not fix this the reason being it is in your biology of your soil, you have none. The only way to get it back is through organics, one that works quickly before loosing your plants or trees etc. Try our OrganicSan our customers love this!

We have in the past given some free demos for example one customer had 16 Red Tips that were almost dead with spots on the leaves and a lot had already fallen off. He told me he had tried everything to save them and gave up. I poured some OrganicSan around the root base of his Red Tips. And also poured some around the root base of his Palm Trees around his pool. Went back in two weeks and his Red Tips had new buds from bottom to top, new leaves were filling in, and the spotty leaves were clearing up. His Palm Trees went from yellow to vibrant green and one grew 2-3 foot more leaf blade.

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