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We have been in the hydromulch business/Sure Green Hydromulch/ in Venus, Texas for 30 years now, planting one yard at a time commercial and residential. Some projects exceeding a million square feet or more.

We have planted all types of grasses and natives. We are going to share with you our story why we got into organics. Roughly around 10 years ago when we were hydromulching going into the warm season growing season we noticed seeds were germinating a lot slower than normal. Using the same ingredients for 20 years we had lawns that would be full and lush in 3-4 weeks using your regular granular non-organic fertilizer. So we asked our self what is going on, come to find out after many soil test on each job showed to be not fertile, no micros. If you have dead soil the non-organic fertilizer does not wont to work like it used to, because of no micros to take in those nutrients. Now we have to become soil biology experts.

Our next mission was to throw a organic substance into our tank to hopefully turn the soil around quickly and allow the seeds to germinate the way they should within a time frame. The challenge was how do you make a organic work fast to completely turn the soil from dead to alive. After several test trials and a few more gray hairs to see what clicked, OrganicSoil was born! After several testing projects completed, 100% fertile soil in a month or less was accomplished with one application on all projects!

Ok now that we are into organics for 10 years now and have figured out how to turn dead soil to live soil for new lawns, can we help the old worn out existing lawns that that are out there? Yes we can!

We started testing existing lawns that were a year old or more that were not looking healthy, not growing, heat stressed etc. Come to find out all those yards tested dead soil. What do we do now? Did our soils change? Yes!

Well first of all lets get the soil fertile with our OrganicSoil. When you are dealing with lawn grass roots, this is a tricky one, it is not the same as your plants, trees. You will need to drive energy to your lawn grass blades for enhancement and growth and to beat heat stress through the hot summer months to keep your existing lawn grass thriving, this is done with our OrganicLawn and works very well.

All of our organics have been tested for accuracy if not met it goes back for more revised testing until we are satisfied before going to market.

Check out our other organic products! We will have more in the future!

Thanks for reading!

From: Danny /owner of Sure Green Hydro

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