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Creating Fertile Soil

Use a filter and a clean 5 gallon bucket of water and mix well. Use a plastic stir. Use 4-6 ounces per gallon of water. Makes a  concentrated mix. Twenty ounces or one pound will treat 5,000sf of area. Use a pump sprayer . After applying let dry on leaf, then water in thoroughly to get product into soil. Takes approximately 5-10 minutes to apply 5,000sf . Keep soil moist for at least one or two weeks for best results. If applying one pound to every 5,000sf then your good for the whole season. Creates fertile soil!

Germinating Seeds

Use a pump sprayer or back pack sprayer. Spray bare soil before or after seeding. water in thoroughly. One pound covers 5,000sf of bare soil. 

OrganicSan/Root Drench /Powder

Plants, trees, bushes, gardens, seeding

Add 2-4 measured ounces per gallon of water and mix.

Using a bucket or water can, pour around base of plants, trees,

gardens, bushes, and germinating seeds. 

Our customers love this stuff!! will perk anything up!




Mow lawn

If using a pump sprayer use 10 measured ounces of OrganicLawn in a clean 5 gallon bucket of water and mix well. Use a plastic stir. Makes a 5 gallon concentrated mix.  Pour one gallon of mix into a one gallon sprayer. Two gallons of mix in a two gallon sprayer etc. Or 2 ounces per gallon. Water lawn in after applying . Keep soil moist for one to two weeks for best results. Apply every 4-6 weeks or when needed.

If using a hose end sprayer, most will spray 2,000sf before running empty. If so add 4 measured ounces of OrganicLawn in your hose end container and completely fill  with water and mix, then spray lawn until empty. Repeat procedure. Water lawn occasionally when needed. Apply every 4-6 weeks or when needed.  

Organic Fiber Mulch

Garden Seeds Or Other seeds

Plant seeds in a planter or pot, apply mulch on top.

Water In.

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