Your lawn sheds old grass and roots which can be a problem when your existing grass is trying to grow in.

The longer the thatch sits and smothers grass the more problems down the road such as fungus and mold etc. When spring comes near is the most crucial to get rid of thatch and your weeds.


Weeds are another problem. The longer weeds are in your lawn and crowds out and shades your existing grass the more problems down the road. Especially in the early spring when existing grass is trying to grow in but cannot. Weeds will try to dominate. Apply OrganicLawn to get your existing lawn grass up faster and to help choke out weeds!

Soil Fertility

The fertility of your soil is very important too. We suggest getting a fertility tester to test your soil. You can find one online for under $20-$25. Most have a ph reading as well. I would be more concerned with the fertility.

Organic Fertilizer

#1 Get your soil fertile with OrganicLawn

#2 Enhance grass leaf and relieves heat stress ! 

#3 When watering your lawn, try your best to keep chlorinated water off your lawn, or hard water from your tap. Use a filter on your faucet and preferably a filter in your irrigation system if possible.

Go Organic!

Always go organic! We have mastered our organic products to work fast, not take a season or two to see results. Chemical products kill beneficial micros in the soil . And chemical fertilizers will get your lawn over salted in time and nothing will grow!


Improves Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Gardens, Seeding