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Image Results Using OrganicSan


Ideal Soil/plants in pots were seeded and protected with our organic fiber mulch with enrichment/OrganicSan 


Early Bloom Peaches!

Image Results Using Organic Selective Herbicide


Did not get a before image, this lawn used to be full of weeds. was a 3 week turn around with our selective herbicide. One week in with our OrganicLawn that was added.

OrganicSoil & OrganicLawn / Demo Results

Summer Time Treatment

Just Applied 5-8-2020(1).JPG
Just Applied 5-8-2020(2).JPG
Just Applied 5-8-2020(3).JPG
Just Applied 5-8( #4.JPG

Just Applied 5-8-2020

Results 5-13-2020(1).JPG
Results 5-13-2020(5).JPG

Results 5-13-2020

Results 5-21-2020 (2).JPG
Results 5-21-2020(3).JPG
Results 5-21-2020(4).JPG

Results 5-21-2020

Results 5-26-2020(6).JPG
Results 5-26-2020(2).JPG
Results 5-26-2020(3).JPG

Results 5-26-2020

Note: This lawn was not kept moist or watered, had only one brief rainfall after applied. If lawn was kept moist it would  look 30% better. We could not force the customer to water. Lawn will continue to improve even more as time goes on. This was a free demo.

Another Demo

One month after applying the summer treatment of OrganicSoil & OrganicLawn.

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