We only ship in the United States.

Shipping is free in the United States!

Where is product made and shipped from?

From Venus,Texas 

How long does shipping take?

Winter Season Nov-March

Once ordered, Usually  1-3 

business days to receive. May delay if a holiday.

Summer Season  April-Oct

Orders are shipped every Monday , if a holiday , then will be shipped next day.

Orders will need to be in by Sat to be shipped Monday.  Usually takes 1-3  business days to receive.

Product Packaging

We supply a product name label and a date & quantity on each product.

Any additional information will be supplied on our website for printout,

such as mixing instructions , etc.


No returns or refunds on opened  already used product , sorry

If you did not receive your product, and our tracking system shows you did not receive your product or got lost, then we will refund you in the full amount.

Promo Codes

We display promo codes to use for discount  over a certain volume.

Only one promo code can be used per total order.

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